...a special place where children LEARN, GROW and THRIVE!


...a special place where children LEARN, GROW and THRIVE!

Helping Your Child Excel Through Early Education

Child Care Partners is an organization where we take pride in putting children first! Children learn, grow, and thrive in a center with national accreditation, an internationally recognized curriculum and supportive educators. We are dedicated to:

  • Loving Caregiving
  • Best Health and Safety Practices
  • Quality Education
  • Respecting the unique needs of Families, Staff, and the Community

All children in our program are nurtured to be socially competent and curious, confident learners now and throughout life.

Child Care Partners
Child Care Partners


We know choosing an early care and education setting for your infant is an important decision. Since 1990 families have placed their trust and confidence in us. Our caring teachers create a warm and welcoming place where brain development thrives.


The toddler years are an exciting time of physical activity, language acquisition and curiosity. Helping toddlers master their communication skills is an important step in their quest for independence.

Preschoolers to Pre-Kindergarten

Energetic and inventive preschoolers are able to make their own plans, engage in collaborative play and begin to solve their own problems. While children learn through play, school readiness is an important focus for this age group. This is where you will find HighScope™ and Conscious Discipline™ shine!

Start Your Child’s Learning Journey

We'd love to know more about the hopes and expectations you have for your child's early care and education. Please get in touch with us today, so we may listen and answer questions you may have.